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You can be a game changer...

Everyday in the Big Country, kids face barriers to their education like poverty, family crisis, emotional issues, among many others. But, you can be a game changer by helping provide these students with their greatest chance at success.

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How we change the game...

All over the Big Country, there are kids who face unimaginable daily challenges. Consider being a middle school student who lives with family trauma caused by the addiction of a parent. Or a high school student who has had to become the financial provider for her family on top of trying hard to get her diploma. These scenarios and countless others are very real and have a massive effect on how those kids function in the classroom and in life. Take 2 minutes to watch the video below and learn more about how CIS surrounds students with a community of support empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Communities In Schools of the Big Country has 10 full time Student Success Coaches who work on 11 campuses in Abilene, Wylie, Snyder and Breckenridge ISD's. Our Success Coaches case manage around 1000 students every year in order to help them overcome barriers and succeed in school and achieve in life. Here are two such stories:

OJ's Story

Tayveon's Story

Would you help us change the game for a student this year? For as little as $19 per month, you can provide support and resources for one CIS student for an entire school year. Or with a one time donation of $13, you can pay for assessments that help us identify the underlying issues with a student which are used to help get them back on track.